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rarebit painting series :: poetry


painting title: messages from above

The Angel hearing this became almost blue but mastering himself he grew yellow, and at last white, pink, and smiling, and then replied... Note: This Angel, who is now become a Devil, is my particular friend...
(William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)


painting title: clouds for bombing

white sun makes a silver road map from heaven to earth over clouds made for bombing...


painting title: down with the rarebit

The Giants who formed this world into its sensual existence* say “down with the rabbits, we're breaking our chains, and we're here to stay!”
*William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


paintings titled: my goodness, a message!, message for rarebit, bombing you with love, sending you an sos, you are free!

messages from high up above in the sky are flying around and over and by dropping love bombs and startling rabbits these rarebits of love are coming, oh my!


painting title: hello place!

what is this place you bring me to?  stupid white man i'm not like you. i come in peace, i mean no harm. in this great wilderness i'll make my place.


painting title: out of place

i'm not like you, mister rabbit. i was born here but i don't seem to belong. and nobody gave me a speech bubble like yours, so i'm all alone and i can't sing my song.


painting title: RA RA Rabbit

i'm the Ra Ra Rabbit. my name is K-K-K-Ken. what is this place fiver? can somebody let me in?


painting title: daydreamer

and it’s alright for me to make you up, and tell you all the things that i'm afraid of. what’s a friend a minute if you're not? i’ll write you into life upon the city walls, i’ll make sure that i get down what you're made of...
(cupcakes for Augustine - words by William Clarke reworked)



©dolores cupcake 2008


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