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i love you forever poetry
i love you... forever: a series of paintings 2006-07 title i love you thumbnail forever thumbnail to sapa with love, hello! thumbnail small paper people thumbnail you're the one thumbnail lucky no. 9 thumbnail magenta dreams thumbnail love was forever thumbnail pussycat girl thumbnail foxy dragon girl thumbnail rabbit dog thumbnail love cake with a kitty on top thumbnail chanson pour la fille du chaton orange thumbnail teacatty thumbnail oscar and pusscar [fisheads] thumbnail you're a girl's best friend... [miller diamond] thumbnail peachy...! [leila peaches] thumbnail we are... shizzam! thumbnail who's that pussycat buggie girl? thumbnail i can't reach you thumbnail phhh... what's with all the birds? thumbnail curly and the pink pussycat thumbnail don't mess with the cupcake thumbnail how sweet the birds thumbnail  
i love you forever poetry
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